Thursday, December 16, 2010

What's wrong with me?, plenty of things, I have so many paranoia's, I can't trust people with anything these days, I jump at the slightest idea that I can't trust somebody.

I start many arguments, I admit this, part of the reason is, I'm a smartass, and I can't resist demeaning an idiot, even if that goes against a rule I'm trying to put in my head, part of it is, I have problems just with stopping things, tell me to stop, and I take it further, I just savour an argument, I enjoy winning them, and I learn when I lose them, because I learn that I was wrong, and my idea's or ideals, are corrected.

I know I can be very.. Uncaring at times, mostly because, I really don't actually feel a care in the world, why do you all think I do so many stupid things? Because I can.

Why am I writing this? Because too many people have been asking why I have been like this lately, and I can't answer them within the time span that I usually have.

But just so my friends know, I do love you all, I value the ones I can trust, I care for the ones that need caring, and I mentor those who need the advice and help.


  1. Stop smokin weed and you won't be paranoid lmao

  2. so maybe that idiots will getter up and kick you :D?

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