Thursday, December 16, 2010

A crappy 'action' story.

He was running, he had to get away, the charges were set, the police, if that's what you could call them these days, were always nearby, they were everywhere, if he could just get to the train station, he could hide, wait it out, but he was running out of time, he had roughly a minute left.

He got around the corner, nearly sliding around it, he could hear footsteps behind him.

Had they found the charges?
Had they been tipped off?

He didn't know, maybe they were just somebody else trying to get away from the area, their were plenty of 'Cops' around now, in their darker blue uniforms, he could see glimpses of them far behind him, when he turned around.

He got to the tunnel leading into the train station, his watch, battered, and scratched, said he had 12 seconds, he quickly jumped on the tracks, and slid right down, next to the fence, hidden by the bushes.

After waiting for another minute, nothing happened, he slowly got up, and was going to return, it was nearly sunrise, he turned around the corner.

He felt a cold imprint against his forehead, he'd closed his eyes when he saw fast movement infront of him, a reflex.
He opened his eyes, it wasn't an 'Cop', it was another fighter, he had seen him before, his name was Cameron.
"Cameron? Is that you mate?"
He felt the muzzle against his forehead pull back, the man infront of him now held it on his hips, the M9 against him, he was scared, but he knew Cameron was too, he could see his hand shaking.
"Jake, shit, is it really you? I haven't seen you since.. since... I can't remember, it's been too long mate"

Cameron lowered the gun, and shook Jake's hand, they were both glad to not be alone.

"Why are you here Cameron? It's not the best time to be running around"

"I've been hiding in the town for a few weeks, from house to house, why's it different tonight Jake?"

"I set some charges on a bunch of their cars, they were meant to go off a few minutes ago-

The charges finally went off, they were just simple minor explosives, but planted right next to the petrol storage area of the cars, causing them to go off like a larger bomb.

Then the sirens started to wail, a longer note from what they use to be, more like a wail, a fear-inducing one at that.

"We have to get out of here, they will turn up every stone to find out who it was"

They both ran together, avoiding as much sound as possible.

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